Day 21

Willamette West

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Praying for Our Churches

The Portland metro area is a very spiritual place but shuns religion. Even though many are open to the concept of a divine being, and like the idea of Jesus, only a small group actually follow Him. Most people see the church as just another non-profit organization that a handful of people attend on a regular basis. To be a Christian who attends church regularly in our city is to be in the minority. Leading the church in this context has some unique challenges. Churches often struggle with how to articulate the gospel. Many struggles financially. Christians with conservative values often find themselves marginalized. It takes a long time to see the gospel take root in people's lives.

  • Pray for the churches in the Willamette West Association to be able to articulate the gospel in a postmodern setting.
  • Pray for Christians in these churches to boldly proclaim the gospel to a culture that doesn't share many of their values.
  • Pray for practical care for our neighbors in need that would lead to gospel Upcoming Events.
  • Pray for steadfastness in Biblical preaching that leads us to care for our congregation well.