Day 8


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Praying for Our Churches

The Evergreen Association covers a large area of approximately 125 miles along I-5 (Roseburg to Ashland) and there is a huge array of diverse demographics. We face an aging population and aging church buildings that are not being reproduced at the same rate that they are being lost. The biggest challenge our association seems to face is apathy. While apathy may not be unique to Southern Oregon, it can make it difficult to get full support from current church members. Our area is so rich with Upcoming Events for outdoor recreation that churches often lose out to good weather and weekend recreational activities. Then, when we are in the church, we battle the temptation to stay within our own four walls, all the while ignoring the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy. External religious observance threatens to sap our spiritual power by replacing the priority of fervent prayer. While we keep thinking better strategies, programs and mechanisms will "grow" the church, we need to return to faith-filled fervent cooperate prayer gatherings.

  • For supernatural courage to herald the gospel trusting God for the results and joyfully receive whatever persecution may come.
  • For a spiritual revival amidst the great apathy of the churches to bring the gospel into conflict with our national abortion holocaust.
  • For an unquenchable thirst for God and His word and renewed devotion to Christ.
  • For Christians who are committed to the mission of the Church.