Day 24

Who is Venture Church Network? (VCN)

Our Vision: Venture Church Network wants to see gospel-centered transformational churches in every community.

Our Mission: Venture Church Network helps churches take bold next steps

Our Values

Gospel power that transforms every life

Gospel Driven

We are committed to an expanding gospel movement through strengthening local church leaders and the churches they serve to advance the gospel boldly and strategically in their communities. Our conviction is that we are to engage our world with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ from a posture of humility, knowing that it is that same gospel message that transforms, sustains, and renews all of us who follow Him. Through the power of the gospel, our lived-out faith creates a culture of disciples loving God, and loving our neighbor, including caring for “the least of these.”

Grace and trust that meets every place

Biblically Focused

The Scriptures, breathed out from God are without error, and our final authority for life, ministry, and godliness. Our missional movement is shaped by the grace and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ—that Jesus came as the “Word made flesh” at a specific time and place, to bear our sin, die and rise again. This truth and all Scripture, applies to every place in our lives, communities, and world. We are committed and agree together to the core doctrines of Scripture as our final authority, calling us to a lived-out, incarnational faith. We hold tenaciously to our theological foundation, while celebrating a variety of contextualized ministry forms that advance Christ’s mission.

Discipleship that empowers every generation

Discpile Making

Acts is the story of the gospel lived and proclaimed, forming disciples who are being shaped into the image of Jesus. These disciples are forming congregations, with elders and the diakonos being intentionally raised to serve Christ’s movement of strengthening and multiplying disciples and churches. Gifted and empowered by the Holy Spirit, these congregations raise new disciples and congregations, despite context, risk, or danger. Our burden is to see the intentional raising up of next-generation Christ-like disciples, leaders and congregations equipped to propagate and serve the gospel for a never-ending cycle of disciple-making.

Fierce cooperation that accelerates the mission

Relationally Committed

Our conviction is that healthy effective local churches and leaders are essential for the gospel work of the Church to flourish. While locally self-governing, the church and its leaders will be healthier and will serve best in generous and cooperative interdependent relationships with other like-minded ministries and leaders. We believe that synergistic interdependent partnership will strengthen the church and its leaders. It will also provide shared wisdom, encouragement, and resource, with the freedom to risk, play, dream in a secure environment of relationships with one another and the Scriptures. We believe the Biblical directive to spur one another on calls us to a “fierce cooperation” with each other to advance the mission of Jesus.