Day 5

Central Willamette South

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Praying for Our Churches

The Central Willamette South consists of churches from Linn Benton, Lincoln, Polk, and Marion Counties. Our churches are placed in many different settings. We have churches in the coastal setting that face challenges associated with low income, depression, and substance abuse. Benton County has a higher average education and income level and tends towards humanism and an openness to everything. In Linn County there are broken families, drug addiction, and a sense of hopelessness that things will change. The schools in our region are an area of concern as they attempt to educate kids from difficult homes. There is great opportunity for the church to bring the Gospel to our valley.

On a positive note there is a strong unity between pastors here. In Corvallis, Albany, and Lebanon, pastors from many denominations meet regularly to pray. Some of these prayer times have been going on for over 30 years!

  • Please pray that the church in our area will be trained and empowered to bring hope to our communities.
  • Please pray for strong marriages and families in the church so we can honor God and show God’s plan for family to those who are watching.
  • Please pray for continued unity between the churches in our valley.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we seek to understand the different cultures we are in and how we can communicate the Gospel in ways people can embrace it.