Day 7


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Praying for Our Churches

The Emerald Association consists of churches located in almost a star-like pattern, spanning as far north as Junction City, east as Leaburg, south as Oakridge, west as Veneta and many central in the Eugene area. This association is geographically diverse in that it covers the college town of Eugene, the beautiful Willamette National Forest and rivers, quaint downtown areas, farmlands and the southern end of the Willamette Valley. The majority of the population in these areas consist of established, working families or single individuals. While reports show that religion is an important value in this area, there are still worldly struggles to face on a daily basis and be able to respond those with truth and grace.

  • Know how to respond and react to the younger kids in school as they are interacting with their friends and are confused about their identity and the LGTBQ movement. They are being taught this is right in school.
  • Have a consistent commitment to church attendance and the body of Christ.
  • Know how to help parents understand that their own unwavering and heartfelt commitment to Christ will play a huge part in helping their children live for the Lord in their own lives.