Day 9

Inland Empire

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Praying for Our Churches

The Inland Empire is spread out from Bridgeport, Washington east through the Spokane area, and all the way as far as Missoula, Montana. In our area, weather is a big hardship for our people and churches. No matter where you are, every person has different issues to deal with, so serving people can be a struggle. Less people come in the winter because of the snow, and then they don't come in the summer because they are enjoying outdoor recreational and sporting activities. Because culture paints Christianity in a bad light and northwest is severely unchurched, there is a lack of interest in God and biblical truth, as well as people who are willing and committed to joining and being part of ministry.

  • Pray for churches in our association who are currently in the midst of building campaigns. Pray for the church to be sacrificial givers towards these needs to help avoid debt.
  • Pray for churches in our association that are seeking wisdom on whether to stay in current building or find a new place to meet.
  • Pray for younger families to join the church.
  • Pray for growth in church health and unity.
  • Pray for church elders/leaders as they work to develop various leadership trainings.
  • Pray for church elders/leaders as they seek wisdom on possible changes within their church constitution.
  • Please pray for increased community amongst churches in our area association and closer connections with Church Venture NW in general.