Day 2

Blue Mountain Association

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Praying for Our Churches

Our Blue Mountain Association churches spread out across rural northeast Oregon. While some of our churches are in smaller towns (18,000 and below), most are situated in really small towns (2,000 and below). Most of our region is made up of tradition Caucasian residents, yet others are up to fifty percent Hispanic. We are also religiously diverse with both a large Mormon and Catholic influence. Many people claim a religious adherence, but actual church attendance is lower than we would like. Communicating the gospel to religious people is difficult.

  • Blessing for the church plant in Pendleton. Pendleton Hope Venture has begun meeting in a home in the area. Please pray for Aaron Umpleby and his family as they reach people for Christ.
  • Direction and blessing for Camp Elkanah as it moves into its next season of ministry. Our association of churches have a joint stewardship of Elkanah and our churches possess a deep loyalty to the camp that has been formed over many years.
  • Protection for pastors and church leaders against discouragement.
  • Reaching the growing Hispanic population, the native American community, and the Mormon community with the gospel.
  • Greater discernment in knowing how to communicate the gospel even when there is entrenched resistance against it.
  • Decreasing populations in some of our most rural areas make it difficult to see any church growth.
  • Compassion balanced by wisdom in ministering to people enslaved to drugs and alcohol as substance abuse continues to take a heavy toll in all of our communities.
  • Wisdom for dealing with unhealthy forms of patriotism or nationalism that impact our churches and are out of sync with our greater allegiance to Christ and His kingdom.