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Alaska Association

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Praying for Our Churches

Geographically speaking, Alaska is a beautiful yet harsh environment. The same can be said of its spiritual atmosphere. Our Alaska Association consists of eight churches that spread across a region of over 660,000 miles. If you think your state is big, consider this: You could fit Texas in Alaska two times over! Major cities are spread out and in the long winter months can only be visited by boat or airplane. The sheer size of this region makes fellowship challenging.

Tourism, industry, and military presence cause many of our churches to experience a high turnover, with many people staying only one or two years. The average Alaska church experiences a 50% turnover in three to five years. How does this affect our churches?

  • Making disciples is difficult in such a short time.
  • There is a leadership vacuum as trained people move quickly.
  • Tourism creates a massive summer mix of influx and movement.
  • Sermons must often be stand-alone because of the large influx of tourists and their need to quickly connect with the church.
  • Military families often experience either a father or mother deployed.
  • Church planting in Alaska is difficult because the areas that need church plants cannot adequately fund a pastor. The small size of the church and the lack of strong income cannot support a pastor.
  • Alcoholism is rampant. Twenty-five percent of all children born experience some level of fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Work among Alaska natives is extremely challenging.
  • Discouragement is often felt by our pastors and church leaders.
  • With all of this in mind, churches are being planted, and the gospel is advancing! Alongside our Plant Alaska and Acts 29 brothers and sisters, we have seen nine new church plants in the past few years!
  • Safe Families is a growing ministry that attempts to keep children from moving into the foster care system. As the church comes alongside parents and serves them in their moments of crisis by providing short-term surrogate care, family structures are rescued and often redeemed!