Day 15


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Praying for Our Churches

Hundreds of miles stretch between the eastern boundary of the Ore-Ida Association and the I-5 corridor, and that distance represents a physical barrier that hinders connection for our churches from many of the CVNW events and makes regular face-to-face fellowship difficult. While pastors close to the Oregon-Idaho border purpose to meet weekly for prayer, fellowship, and mutual encouragement, it's not practical for all the Ore-Ida pastors to meet regularly.

The Mormon Church has a strong influence across southern Idaho. Twenty-five percent of people identify as Latter-Day Saints in Southwest Idaho, but that number jumps to nearly 90 percent in the Southeastern part of the state. Rexburg, Idaho, with just 30,000 residents, will have a second LDS temple under construction soon.

Many of our CV churches are small and in small communities, and while we rejoice in every conversion, many of our churches have not experienced significant conversion growth recently. Many congregations are also aging. At the same time, every challenge represents an opportunity. Here are some specific prayer requests for the Ore- Ida Association of Churches:

  • Conversion growth in each church.
  • Consistent, biblically sound expository preaching in each pulpit.
  • Congregational participation in healthy small groups that serve as entry points, sharing Bible Study, fellowship, and corporate prayer.
  • Spirit-led unity in each church fellowship.
  • Consistent exercising of spiritual gifts in each church body.
  • Christ-honoring corporate worship in each church.
  • Consistent witness that connects to local communities for each church.
  • Spiritually healthy, humble, and optimistic leadership in each church.
  • Spiritually healthy marriages and families in each church.
  • Pray for our new Hispanic church plant in Nyssa.