Day 23

Camping Ministries

  • Camp Elkanah - La Grande, OR (Joe Wing)
  • The Blue Mountain association of churches have a joint stewardship of Camp Elkanah. They collectively own the camp, the Blue Mountain pastors serve as the Board of Directors, and many of their churches possess deep loyalties to camp that have been formed over many years. (
  • Camp Harlow - Eugene, OR (Mike Bothman)
  • Camp Harlow is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Eugene and has been serving their community for nearly 70 years. They offer both day camps for kids ages 5-9 and overnight camps for grades 1-12. (
  • Dunes Bible Camp - Ocean Park, WA (Brian Bickle)
  • Dunes Bible Camp has been committed to doing the Lord's work by spreading the love of Christ to youth since 1957. They are located on the coast in Ocean Park, Washington and strive to create Upcoming Events for you to know and love Jesus and others. (
  • Mountain Lake Bible Camp - Klamath Falls, OR (David Stevens)
  • Mountain Lake Bible Camp is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Klamath Falls. Four sponsored camps are offered each year from the middle of June through the middle of July. Middle and high school students are invited to come and learn about God, make new friends and enjoy a lot of fun activities. MLBC is also available for group rentals. (
  • Camp Tadmor - Lebanon, OR (Zack Brown)
  • Camp Tadmor has been an essential ministry of CVNW since 1971 and Tadmor exists to serve the local church. They do this by creating a space where relationships can grow: with God and one another. They accomplish this in a number of ways including their summer programs, weekend retreats, staff training, and rental Upcoming Events. (
  • Warm Lake Camp - Cascade, ID (Dick Shaw)
  • Warm Lake Camp has operated as a ministry of CB churches since 1957. Children and teen camps are offered in July, along with family camp and men's camp later in the summer. The camp is also available for rental in June and August. (

Praying for our Camps

  • Staffing: It is a challenge to recruit enough staff to keep up with the number of campers that want to attend camp. Pray that camps find those that are called to serve the Lord as camp staff.
  • Facilities: Camps have buildings, activities, landscape, and infrastructure that all require a lot of maintenance. They often don't have everything they need to maintain things at the level they need to. Pray that God would provide what is needed to maintain camp.
  • Connecting With Campers: Camps work hard to connect the gospel with the changing culture from which our campers emerge. Pray that camps can frame up what is true about God in terms that campers can grasp and receive, and that campers come to Jesus.
  • Safety: We need help from the Lord to keep camp safe in a few categories: 1. Physical safety of everyone while they participate in games, activities, and running around camp. 2. Spiritual Safety as we work to share the gospel with campers. 3. Relational Safety in all relationships involving campers, staff, and other guests.
  • Resource: We are dependent on a host of people from all walks of life throwing in with camps to use their time, talent, and treasure to accomplish the God sized task before us. Pray that God might bring significant resource to camps so they can serve campers well.
Picture of campes around a campfire.