Day 29

VCN Chaplaincy

Since 1952, VCN chaplaincy has recruited, endorsed and placed chaplains on the cutting edge of ministry. 170 chaplains serve in the military branches; Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, and their Reserve and National Guard components including the Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard auxiliaries. Full-time, part-time and volunteer chaplains minister in other Federal agencies; the Veterans Health Administration, the Department of Justice (FBI) and Bureau of Prisons. Our chaplains work in State and County correctional facilities while healthcare chaplains minister in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and hospice care. Many pastors minister to first responders; supporting local Law Enforcement personnel and providing post-trauma care to Firefighters and EMS workers in their communities. Specialized chaplains serve motor sports and Veterans groups, Wounded Warriors, State Veterans long-term care facilities, retirement homes, and rescue missions.

VCN Chaplains, in every time zone, on every continent, on land, at sea, in the air, and in dark and dangerous places…all on the cutting edge of ministry. CVNW is home to 35 chaplains in Alaska (2), Idaho (3), Oregon (17), and Washington (13).

Chaplain Randy Brandt
PO Box 7586
Goodyear, AZ 85338
[email protected]

Picture of Chaplain praying over soldiers.

Praying for our Chaplains

  • For daily spiritual focus on life and ministry.
  • Health of chaplain, spouse and family, especially those injured.
  • Wisdom in childrearing of biological, adopted and foster children.
  • To be wise as serpents and harmless as doves in pluralistic settings.
  • For chaplains in transition to new assignments; especially military.
  • For military chaplains deployed overseas and in harm's way.
  • For ears to listen and eyes to see the genuine needs of counselees.
  • For protection from the Evil One who instigates conflict and chaos.
  • For holy boldness to confront wrong and advise commanders.
  • For those who care for elderly and ailing parents.
  • For chaplains who may be working alone or in isolation in forward operating bases, remote, or shipboard assignments.
  • To be obedient to the Spirit's leading and tact in sharing Christ.
  • To heed the Spirit's call in ministry direction, transition, and retirement.
  • For grace to minister at the many health crisis and places of injury and death.
  • For safety of chaplains serving in correctional facilities and jails for men and women.
  • For our female chaplains ministering in hospitals, birthing centers and NICU who minister to mothers facing the pain and loss of fetal demise.
  • Safety on the road for motorcycle group chaplains.
  • For time management and balance for pastors who serve as volunteer chaplains to local first responders.
  • For people to come to Christ, be baptized, enter discipleship and a local church.