Day 17

Southeast Washington

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Praying for Our Churches

The Southeast Washington Area is blessed in so many ways. We enjoy four seasons, diverse landscapes, and a plethora of fruit. These blessings can also become a distraction to the life Christ calls us to live as we drift from our church family to enjoy these blessings in recreation or for work. The churches in this area have invested in our cities and seeking God's will for our local ministries but have not done the best at being a part of the covenant community of the Association. However, we want this to change.

We want to see our people invest in our church communities to move forward together as the body to reach our cities. Also, as a CVNW area there is a growing desire among pastors and leaders to have stronger covenant community even though we have some geographic separation that can make this difficult.

  • Senior Leadership Transition - Many of our churches are experiencing senior leader transition. These are difficult seasons as we seek the Lord to fill these important roles and go through the changes this brings for our churches. Pray for wisdom in these decisions and unity of the body.
  • The Busy Pursuit of the World - People are busy pursuing family activities and recreation outside the church. This causes a drift from connection with church and Christ. It is our desire to see our people prioritizing their relationship with Christ and his body.
  • Many Gospel Upcoming Events - Our region is growing and there are multiple Upcoming Events for creative outreach to the diverse peoples in terms of ethnicity, age and socio-economic situation. Pray for creativity and courage to reach our world.
  • Men to Lead- In a busy culture, it is become increasingly difficult to identify and disciple younger men to lead; in their homes, church and as elders. Yet we know this is vital for the church and it future.
  • Connection in the Association - We are disconnected from our sister churches as well the association in general. We have not prioritized this relationship and feel disconnected because of geography. Pray for us to reengage and know how to do ministry together.