Day 19

Willamette East

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Praying for Our Churches

As part of the Portland Metro area, Willamette East is high in population density, diversity, and undergoing rapid change. Many multi-unit housing and apartment developments have been put in. As a result, real-estate prices have increased significantly in recent years and a higher homeless population that has proven difficult and complicated on many levels. Once quiet neighborhoods have been dealing with vagrants and campers. A number of changes and programs are beginning to be implemented through the government, non-profits, and churches, but there are so many more needs.

As an association, it has been a challenging time of transition. A number of us have been dealing with cancer, loss, or succession difficulties.

  • Pray that we would equip the next generation of disciple-makers as many in our churches are aging out.
  • Pray for wisdom for how to live as the people of God together in a quickly developing area.
  • Pray for encouragement for our pastors and leaders.
  • Praise God for some of the rich resources we have in the area with schools and seminaries, and churches close to one another.
  • Pray for courage to speak the gospel in the church and outside the church.
  • Pray for wisdom and understanding of how to be the united church of Christ in an area of so much ethnic and economic diversity.
  • Over 1/2 of our churches have dealt or are dealing with major leadership challenges: transitions and successions, cancer battles, or loss. Pray for endurance, wisdom, and faithfulness.