Day 4

Central Willamette North

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Praying for Our Churches

The Willamette Valley lies at the center of the cultural and political heart of Oregon. Seventy percent of Oregon's population lives within a two hour drive of one another. In fact, eight of Oregon's top ten most populated cities reside in the Willamette Valley. The Willamette River flows the entire length of the valley and creates some of richest agricultural area in the state. In the 1800's this area was advertised as a "promised land of flowing milk and honey."

The challenges of changing church culture weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of the pastors in this association, and the challenges of church culture makes it difficult to impact the community for Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for a desire for genuine community among believers. We wish to share life together and not just participant in events.
  • We need more elders functioning as shepherds. We see the church as a family, not a business.
  • We need to covenant together in the priority of prayer.
  • We need to be more concerned with the gospel than our political views.
  • We need more women functioning in ministry in the local church. Pray that we would value and celebrate women in a way that is biblical and builds up the Body of Christ.
  • We want to become as biblical and fruitful as possible. This will mean leaving behind some of our traditions for the sake of the gospel. Pray for grace and truth of Christ to rule in our hearts. The world is lost and broken and needs Jesus Christ!