Day 16

South Puget Sound

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Praying for Our Churches

The South Puget Sound association is represented by churches spread across six counties. While most of our churches are in small towns, there are a few that serve in larger cities. It's a beautifully diverse area geographically, from the coastal dunes and winding rivers to the Olympic National Forest. Even though our churches are spread out, we are thankful to meet together corporately every month to connect, encourage and pray for one another.

  • Pray for our Pastors as we balance the demands of family and ministry.
  • Pray for our churches to discover and train future leaders for effective ministry.
  • Pray for congregational boldness to live out the Gospel as we share Jesus within our communities.
  • Pray for Believers to respond positively to the importance of regathering regularly with their local church communities following the challenges of covid over the past two years.
  • Prayer for the restoration of marriages and families in our churches and communities.