Day 22

Church Plants Over the Past 5 Years

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Church Plants in Process

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Praying for Our Church Plants

We must commit to praying for church planters, their families, their churches, and the communities they are penetrating with the good news of Jesus Christ. Our church planters are on the front lines of advancing the gospel and shining spiritual light in dark, unreached communities. They boldly embody Jesus' words to "let your light shine for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father."

Praying for our Church Plants

  • Pray for a close walk with God. Ministry is difficult for anyone in leadership in the Kingdom of God, but this is especially true of those who embark on a planting a church. Pray that they would prioritize their personal time with our Heavenly Father, stay in God's Word, keep a close fellowship with him in prayer, maintain personal holiness, and minister to others out of the overflow of their own spiritual walk with God.
  • Pray for their marriage and family. The balance between ministry and family is often a greater challenge for church planters. The energy and relationships required to successfully reach people for Christ at the beginning stages of a church make it difficult to find a healthy balance. Pray they are sensitive to the needs of their family and that shepherding them maintains top priority. Pray they do not sacrifice their families on the altar of ministry.
  • Pray for their motives and identity in Christ. Church planters are those who seek to create something out of nothing. This entrepreneurial spirit can often cause people to find their purpose, value, and identity in what they accomplish, not necessarily in what God is accomplishing. Wins and losses are particularly challenging at the beginning stages of a church—especially when only a few attend worship gatherings and missional communities. Pray they find their purpose, peace, and rest in Christ.
  • Pray for impact and favor in their community. It can feel like a lonely world when a church planter enters into a new community. Pray that church planters seek out relationships with existing pastors and churches, as no one serves alone. Pray that they form strong friendships with local leadership in both the spiritual and secular world. Pray that schools and businesses are open to renting space for worship gatherings. Pray that our planters move in with a spirit of humility and service as they seek to reach the lost.
  • Pray for Relationships. Loneliness is a challenge for many in pastoral ministry and for those planting a church it can be overwhelming. When a church plant begins there is usually no team built yet, very few friends established, and little opportunity to be surrounded by those who support you in your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. A church planter needs an advocate and a friend. Pray for Christ centered encouragement and support.
  • Pray for Wisdom. Planting a church requires great wisdom, as there are constant decisions to be made—both big and small. The stress of success and fear of failure are constant voices. Pray that our church planters will seek God's wisdom in every decision and rely upon the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pray that these men and women surround themselves with more experienced leaders who will speak into their lives in an ongoing relationship. Pray for confidence and clarity and the humility to proceed with decisions.
  • Pray for finances. There is no question about it: Church planting takes financial support! Pray for the financial support of individuals and churches to partner with our planters to enable them to accomplish their work. The financial stress of church planting can be one of the biggest burdens a church planter faces.
  • Pray for both faithfulness and fruitfulness in their work The challenging work of planting a church is often draining and discouraging. The ups and downs of ministry are more pronounced in the early stages of pastoring a new community, so pray for stamina and strength to weather the storms. Pray that our church planters stay focused on the call that God has place on their lives.
  • Pray against the enemy of our souls. Ministry in the name of Jesus is a personal attack against Satan and his kingdom. Pray the Holy Spirit will empower our church planters with wisdom and strength as they minister in places of great spiritual conflict.