Revitalization Cohorts

Church Venture Northwest 2024 Revitalization Cohort

Church Venture NW is excited to launch a one-year Revitalizing Cohort for senior pastors seeking to restore health and growth in their church. We believe that pastoral growth happens best when men gather regularly for intentional training, coaching, and networking.

Beginning in , James Gleason will lead a cohort of up to 12 senior pastors to equip them with proven methods and resources to help pastors lead their churches to revitalization. His own journey of leading a church through this revitalization process, as well as his experience coaching others, will be the foundation of our time together.

"As a new pastor, I have been hungry and anxious to be discipled by men with more experience than myself and am grateful that I had the opportunity to PARTICIPATE IN COACHING WITH JAMES...This is a FOCUS on reviving and revitalizing the heart of your church, AND you simply can't go wrong."

Shawn Von Bargen, Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, Tenino, WA

"After pastoring for 10 years, I was led to receiving coaching to become even more fruitful in pastoral ministry. James taught, challenged, encouraged us to be at the business of making disciples. Since the cohort, I have had a renewed passion for seeking the lost and training up the next generation of Christ followers. I have been blessed and our church family has reaped the benefits of my strengthened leadership. Whether you are just starting as a pastor or stuck in your pastoral leadership, the Lord will work through James and his experiences to provide what you need."

Scott Miller, Senior Pastor at Willamette Community Church, Albany, OR

What You Receive

  • 2-hour ZOOM Group Coaching.
  • 1-hour Personal Coaching over the phone.
  • A proven coaching process that will lead to a healthier ministry.
  • The opportunity to revitalize your church for Kingdom ministry.
  • We will be looking at the following twelve steps toward a revitalized church:
    1. Assessing the reality of your situation
    2. Building a prayerful dependence
    3. Restoring the purpose of your church
    4. Developing a robust discipleship pathway
    5. Restoring a Gospel-focused ministry
    6. Exegeting and engaging your culture
    7. Requiring a membership/assimilation process
    8. Redefining spiritual maturity
    9. Equipping, empowering, and encouraging your members
    10. Giving the leadership away
    11. Expecting conflict
    12. Continuing to refine, align, and redesign

To be eligible for this cohort, you must agree to the following

  • You must be the senior pastor of your church with a strong commitment to help lead the church through the journey of revitalization.
  • Attend all 12 coaching sessions from - , Pacific Time on the following dates via ZOOM.
    • If you cannot make a group coaching session, ZOOM recordings will be available during the entirety of the coaching. Recordings will be available 48 hours after the session.
  • Participate in all 12 personalized coaching calls with James over the phone. (Coaching calls will be scheduled separately.)
  • Committing to paying $200 monthly/ $2400 for the year.
  • Complete the application below for review.

Due to the demand and purpose of this cohort, not everyone who applies will be accepted. You will be notified of acceptance by email.

Upon acceptance, you will be required to make your first monthly payment to secure your spot. Before the January coaching, you will be required to read Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom Rainer and fill out a 10-year worship service attendance survey of your church.

Questions? Contact Jamie Duncan ([email protected] or 503-669-1515, x701) for more information.