Volunteering with Church Venture Northwest is a great way to be an active part of the Covenant Community. There are a variety of ways you can partner with us through volunteering your time and talents. Click one of the items below to learn more.

  • Join Tadmor Champions

    Tadmor is a 225-acre platform for the gospel that is visited daily by people seeking refuge, renewal, and communion with their Savior. The staff at Tadmor is dedicated to maintaining a beautiful sanctuary void of distractions and full of reminders of the glory of God. The act of caring for camp is an act of service to the church and worship of our God, which it is a privilege to be a part of.

  • Join Team Barnabas

    Large events like the Annual Enrichment Conference, Men's Roundup, Women's Camp and Winter Youth require a lot of time from both paid staff and Team Barnabas volunteers.

    Why Team Barnabas?

    Barnabas means encourager. As encouragers, members on Team Barnabas are asked to serve the event by praying and being available to do anything that is needed to help make the event successful. This may include childcare at AEC, set-up and clean-up at events, event support and more.

    How do I sign up?

    You must be 19 years old and one full year out of high school to serve. Download and send your completed application to Shirley Radford at [email protected].

  • Volunteer with Our Administrative Team

    There is a hand full of times each year where we could use, well, a hand. For every event we put on, we send out information to our entire mailing list of churches. We can always use some help in the preparation and packing of these mailings. This is a great service project for your church's small groups, youth group or someone that you are discipling. Contact Shirley Radford at [email protected] for more information.

  • Serve as an Interim Pastor

    Church Venture Northwest assists churches in finding interim pastors through Interim Pastor Ministries. If you are interested in serving churches as an interim please connect with Interim Pastor Ministries (interimpastors.com).