Who We Are

We are better together

What We Do

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Existing Churches

We are committed to providing resources to help strengthen churches in every area of ministry from the business aspects of church ministry to leadership training and conflict resolution.

  • Pastoral Coaching
  • Lay-ministry Training
  • Elder Training
  • Peacemaking Workshops
  • Ordination Resources
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Church Loans
  • Camp Tadmor
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Struggling Churches

Our heart is to see a Great Commission passion flow from every one of our churches. We offer a variety of services and resources to help revive and refresh churches so they can reach their communities more effectively with the Gospel.

  • Church Health Assessments
  • Church Health Workshops
  • Interim Pastoral Placement
  • Pastoral Placement
  • Reconciliation Workshops
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Pastoral Retreats
  • Prayer Retreats
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New Churches

We believe in the importance of planting churches and are committed to providing churches and church planters with healthy components to start a new church.

  • Church Planter Assessment
  • Fundraising Support
  • Pastoral and Strategic Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Plant Team Workshops
  • Personal Pastoral Support

What We Value

  • We value covenant community as defined by our Identity Document (doctrine, philosophy, polity).
  • We value truth, calling our community to a comprehensive Christian worldview that impacts every aspect of life, emphasizing a Trinitarian God and gospel power in and through our culture.
  • We value the local church as God's ordained instrument for advancing His Kingdom.
  • We value a missional church perspective, mobilizing our churches to invade a Christ-less culture and helping our churches to equip all as "sent ones."
  • We value relational healing and church renewal by providing a network of specialists to serve through consultation, mediation, solemn assemblies, and strategic prayer.
  • We value leaders as examples of, and catalysts for: health, change, growth, and multiplication; helping them to: assess, train, coach, and mentor.
  • We value synergistic responsibility, networking resources for strategic success.
  • We value Kingdom advancement by calling churches and leaders to cooperate at sacrificial levels in the cause of making Christ's Church a presence in every community in the Northwest and beyond through strategic partnerships, joint efforts (e.g., area associations planting churches), and sending missionaries at home and abroad.
  • We value the fluid and dynamic nature of these core values and are committed to ongoing evaluation as the Spirit leads.
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What We Envision

We envision a covenant community of churches committed to the glory of God, centered on the gospel, changing our communities by being doctrinally sound, missionally driven, and culturally sensitive - which includes culturally appropriate evangelism, leaders mentoring the next generation of leaders, and churches planting churches through Great Commandment love, Great Commission purpose, and Great Confession dependency.

People in a Bible Study