Intercultural Ministries

Church Venture Northwest exists to establish, unify, and encourage local churches to reach out to all people groups as commanded by Christ. The Church Venture Northwest family of churches seeks to emphasize the values, needs and opportunities for service with and to the many language and cultural communities with whom we share our region.

Philosophy of Ministry

A Gospel-centered ministry that equips culture shaping Christians for the glory of God. We do this by providing churches culturally relevant ministries to targeted language and cultural groups. Our goal is to incorporate everyone into the local fellowship while meeting cultural identity needs. In this way churches can reach a larger segment of their communities.

Church Venture Northwest is available for consultation in initiating and developing language ministries as an integral part of the local church.

Church Based Training

We provide two leadership training programs in Spanish. Other leadership training can also be provided through translation.

Entrenamiendo de Ancianos Relacionales (E.A.R)

Healthy churches require healthy church leaders. Leaders who are spiritually mature and skilled in applying the truth of the gospel to the harsh realities of people's lives (including their own). These types of leaders must be intentionally developed in knowledge, experience, skill, and maturity. To assist churches in the "what" and "how", Church Venture Northwest has developed a training program to be used within local churches to intentionally disciple elder-level leaders.

Church Venture Peacemaking

This training exists to help churches joined in Covenant Community respond and resolve conflicts in a biblically faithful manner, benefiting those involved and those watching. Church Venture Peacemaking works in ministry partnership with Crossroads Resolution Group and RW360.

Academia Bíblica

Academia Bíblica is a Theological Education by Extension Program primarily using SEAN Materials and is the responsibility of each local church. Church Venture Northwest maintains a stock of materials, provides training for tutors and keeps records of the student's progress. Some Bible Institutes will give credits from these courses.

For more information, please conact:

Sergio Aguirre
Director of Intercultural Ministries
[email protected]