If you are a pastor who is new to ministry or have been serving for many years and are looking for a new position as a senior pastor, associate pastor, worship pastor or student pastor, we utilize a placement tool that helps match pastors to churches and churches to pastors.

  • What is Pastoral Placement?

    Unlike a job board, our placement system stores your profile information and when a seeking church requests a list of potential candidates, we will run a report based on the church's profile and send them any potential matches.

    What to Expect?

    Phase 1

    • Candidates submit a Pastoral Placement form on our website, a one-page description of their conversion experience, their resume (if desired), and a cover letter to the Search Committee.
    • Candidates will also have an opportunity to review the Church Venture Northwest Identity Document to understand the polity of our covenant community of churches.
    • Candidates pay the annual $50 placement fee.

    Phase 2

    • Once the candidate's placement form has been submitted and placement fee has been paid, our team will review the submitted materials and create a summarized pastoral profile that will be stored in the Pastoral Placement System.
    • When a church submits their profile of the position they are trying to fill, our team will generate a report with a list of candidates that closely match their profile.
    • When a candidate's name is selected, they are notified via email.
    • We urge the church Search Committee to notify candidates if they are no longer under consideration.

    We have found that this process tends to be more effective in accurately matching pastors to churches and churches to pastors.

  • What Pastoral Placement is Not?

    Our Pastoral Placement system is not a job board. However, seminaries (like Western Seminary) and Bible colleges often post openings if you would like to search that way as well.

  • Important Information that should be included in Placement form

    When completing a Pastoral Placement profile, there are some things that are important to provide detailed explanations for, including:

    • Reasons for gaps in ministry
    • Reasons for resigning at previous churches
    • If you or your wife have been divorced and remarried
    • If you are out-of-state and traveling expenses will be needed

    While we believe God is in control of each placement scenario, we always want to provide the Search Committee with as much information as possible to help them make an informed, prayerful decision.

  • Important Disclaimers for Candidates

    All materials submitted become the property of Church Venture Northwest and will not be returned. You will be responsible for making additions or corrections to your placement form as needed by updating your form online. These corrections may include changes in address, email, phone number, or ministry assignment.

If you receive and accept a call to a pastoral position, please inform the CVNW team so we can remove your name form our file.

For more information, please contact:

Luke Hendrix
Director of Church Development
[email protected]