Church & Politics Webinars

The Church and Politics

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ,

I pray you are doing well and going strong in ministry! As the new year rolls around, are you prepared for the political pressure of this coming election season? Beginning in January, I hosted a one-hour, once-a-month webinar, The Church and Politics, designed to help our church leaders navigate the challenges that will come in this election year and formulate a plan to disciple their church through this upcoming political season. Each month featured a guest who will shared various Christian positions on the relationship between the church and the state with the goal of helping you deepen your gospel-centered approach to ministry.

The first half is a presentation from the guest sharing how our churches can be equipped to understand the challenges coming with this election year and to prepare us to lead our churches toward unity. The second half is a Q&A with the audience regarding the presentation.

Grace and peace,

James Gleason
Executive Director


June 5, 2024 with Scott Reavely

May 8, 2024 with James Gleason

April 3, 2024 with Josh Butler

March 6, 2024 with Todd Miles

February 7, 2024 with Joshua Lane

January 3, 2024 with Scott Reavely