Relational Elders Training

What is your church doing to equip existing elders and develop next-generation leaders?

Unfortunately, for many churches the answer to this question is - "not much". Some churches function under the misconception that good leaders will spontaneously appear out of thin air. In other churches, the pressures of existing ministry push leadership development to a perennial place on the church's "backburner", hoping that maybe someday they will get around to it.

Healthy churches require healthy church leaders. Leaders who are spiritually mature and skilled in applying the truth of the gospel to the harsh realities of people's lives (including their own). These types of leaders must be intentionally developed in knowledge, experience, skill, and maturity.

Most churches do not struggle with the conviction that leadership development needs to happen. They struggle with "what" needs to be done and "how" to make it happen.

To assist churches in the "what" and "how", CVNW has developed a training program to be used within local churches to intentionally disciple elder-level leaders. We call it "Relational Elders Training" (RET).

Why Relational Elders Training?
How to use Relational Elders Training