Church Venture Northwest provides a variety of helps to churches in their search for pastors. We do not post open positions online. We have placement services available for both churches that are affiliated with CVNW and those that are not.

Senior Pastor Placement

Once the Search Committee has been selected, please contact our office so we can schedule a meeting with your Elder/Deacon board. This meeting is essential to not only explain the candidate selection process, but also any unresolved issues within the church body can be addressed to ensure that a there is a unity as the Search Committee begins their candidate selection process. We will also work to help you find an interim pastor for your interim period.

*For non-CVNW or non-CBA churches, there is a $50 fee for this service.

Associate Pastor Placement

If you are filling an associate position, please email our office ([email protected]) with a job description for the position you are trying to fill, any requirements you have for the position, and the contact information for the person to email any resumes to.

If this is not a typical position or you do not have a job description, please contact our office to discuss what you are looking for so we can best help you in your search.

*For non-CVNW or non-CBA churches, there is a $50 fee for this service.

Search Manual

Church Venture Northwest offers a Search Manual designed to help leadership and search committees walk through the process of a Senior Pastor search. It includes steps all the way from forming the search committee to the process of the installation service of the new pastor. It contains surveys, forms, interview questions, sample profiles and letters, and a number of case studies to help you in the search process. You can request your copy of the Search Manual for $25* by clicking here.

*For non-CVNW or non-CBA churches, the Search Manual is $50.

Pulpit Supply

If you are in need of someone to fill your pulpit, please contact us, so we can help. This service is available to churches in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.