Annual Enrichment Conference

March 11-13, 2024 at Seaside Convention Center

CVNW Annual Enrichment Conference

Other Information

AEC Youth (ages 12-17)

At Church Venture Northwest, we want to provide training to all ages. We have the AEC Kids program that brings Jesus to the little ones while adults get fed as well. This year we will be leading youth from 12-17 years through a time of service projects and teaching. They will spend the mornings doing service projects and the evenings debriefing what they learned and how to grow in their own life through serving others. During the afternoons they are with their families having a great time. This program is for youth who are committed to serving. To make this program successful we will need your youth for the whole schedule, not just mornings or evenings. More information will be sent to those who register.

Childcare (ages 0-11)

Free childcare is provided during general sessions for children ages 0-11. Childcare is also provided during the Wednesday evening banquet, however, no meal will be provided for them. Please feed your child(ren) before checking them in at the childcare station. No childcare will be available during the seminars and ministry tracks. In order to secure the appropriate number of childcare workers needed, please make sure you list names and ages of children who will be needing childcare when you register.

Conference Lodging

Lodging is not included in the registration fee. You are responsible for arranging your own lodging.